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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 6, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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rattles the minutes -- peninsula. >> the san francisco archbishop is on the defense with a controversy at some bay area catholic schools. thanks for joining us on this busy day. >> i am christian. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> in the north bay it is wet. here is a look at live doppler hd you can see from santa rosa to vacaville and arcing leaving rohnert park, glen ellen and napa and more is on the way. santa rosa and st. helena getting the brunt of the light to moderate showers and santa rosa avenue and down to stony point road and through san rafael you can see the showers have let up, 101 is still wet. our day planner 12 hour day planner shows the rain will pick up at 10:00 all the way through 7:00 and so will the winds.
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>> the roads are slick and getting slicker. >> indeed. it has not had an impact on traffic yet. that is good news. the metering lights are turned on at babe and we have a high wind advisory issued by c.h.p. so if you are traveling from the east bay to san francisco keep both hands on the wheel. walnut creek along 6 southbound is building. a vehicle crash in tracy. more on that ahead. >> breaking news from 4:30 a 3.1 earthquake shook the peninsula at 3:44 centered in the emerald hills area of redwood city. so far, no reports of damage or injuries. people who felt it say it felt like an intense jolt rather than a rolling. >> now storm watch: from san rafael camera you can see the
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rain has let us but still, wet and coming for the north bay and the entire bay area today. our reporter continues our coverage from healdsburg which was hard hit by the last big storm in december. >> the rain comes and goes here in healdsburg and we are getting a little bit of a sprinkle and i have video we took this morning of more rain we were getting earlier, nothing too heavy in healdsburg just sprinkles or heavy drops. but nothing that is going to drench you not yet. we expect that later today. most people erupting if cover we do know that some people are going to sit out in this until loci this morning and they have been out all night in santa rosa and they are beer enthusiasts excited for the release of the pale ale coming out sold
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limits amounts for only two weeks. they say it is worth sitting in the rain and waiting and people at the front of the line came all the way from los angeles. >> no matter what the storm brings i want the beer so bad that it doesn't matter. great news for santa rosa pause people are expected to spend millions while they are here to get the beer. they are dedicated. they are going to get wet. it is raping -- raining here in healdsburg enough to make you uncomfortable and make you have to shake off the water off the jacket. people have been grabbing sandbags to protect their homes and businesses. >> our reporter is in mill valley at a location.
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matt? >> i did not expect to be relaxing here this morning but i am sitting where the sandbag hoax -- location is people are ready to fill up the sand bags at marin avenue and tennessee valley road so if you want to fill up this is a good location. they had sandbags here on the side so you can do it. another issue flooding, the park and ride is a common area for flooding a mile away from where we are right now. this is video from 45 minutes ago, high tide warning in affect so lower half of the lot will flood like it does in december during the big storm and like it did last month during the king tide barricades are ready to go up when the flooding starts and the lot will close today and re-open on monday. be careful. you could be ticketed this. the only recommendation i have if you are coming out and get some san out here, do it before
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the own -- rain starts and bring a shovel. pg&e is trying to avoid a repeat of december when falling trees and branches knocked out power. crews are trimming trees. in orinda pg&e contracted welcomeers to shot down 3, 70' pines. people are urged to report trees too close to power lines. >> we want if see the weather where you live, send us your photos and votes at or post them on facebook or share them with us on twitter at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. the weather app is free on the app store or google lay and we have more information at
6:06 am slash apps. san jose firefighters put out a fire that displaced four this morning it protect out in the garage of a home after 2:00 a.m. and it spread and the house. crews were able to put it out quickly. no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is "under investigation." >> students at san francisco state university are told not to walk alone at night after sexual attack on campus. a man groped a woman yesterday morning as she walked to the student health center. the school sent an e-mail alert to students with only a vague description of the attacker and they do not know if he is a student. >> san francisco's archbishop will hold a news conference to discuss the controversial proposal radding the personal slaves of catholic school teach ers.
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he will change faculty hand books asking teachers to proceed to list their public and personal lives according to church teacher against homosexuality and birth control. in say moral clauses are going too far and discriminate. >> governor brown will meet with the secretary of interior to discuss california's ongoing drought. the governor and sally jewel will hold a news conference after the meeting in sacramento. during a visit last area to california he promised full support of the obama administration in dealing with wide help video impact of drought. they are expected to announce new actions to behalf the physical -- to boost the federal response. we have rain north of st. helena to calistoga and headed from deer park road. we have a few radar runs along
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our inland east bay neighborhood where the dry air is right now so i would be surprised if anything more then a sprinkle is falling from antioch to pittsburg if that area and to mount diabolo it is starting to get the air, to get more saturated. when the next round comes in, it will be more likely to reach the ground. until then mainly the north bay is going to get rain during the morning commute. it is waves of light-to-moderate rain at time. it is dry if san francisco and you can see the clouds are fought low because of the dry air headed into the afternoon from 10:00 to 7:00 in the evening we. have our heaviest rain and fastest wind temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60 at the coast and a very mild day. >> we start off with the san mateo bridge and traffic is moving fine with a few extra
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cars but all at top speed with hazy conditions. if you do daughter want to take the san mateo the dumbarton is moving along at top speed with green conditions everywhere. with the rain we have experienced, quiet conditions on the roads. hopefully it will stay that way with the exception of the big rig fire 680 at mission boulevard we have possibly one lane blocked on the shoulder that could be spectator slowing up to mission boulevard. we saw a couple of green with moist conditions the we had an early multiple vehicle crash at the parkway but that now is cleared and the rest of the drive is getting better over the altamont pass from tracy to dublin at a short 26 minutes. coming up how radio shack bankruptcy filing could be good news for another retailer. >> police arrest a man and take him to jail. what about his kids?
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♪ good morning, usher!
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hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins! covering daly city dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. on this friday a look at healdsburg, this is the intersection of healdsburg
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avenue which is wet from the rain that started to come in from the first of two storms coming our way. we talk to meteorologist mike nicco in a moment about when it will hit your neighborhood. a man is facing multiple felony charges when he abandoned his kids during a drug fueled crime fee. police arrested 34-year-old father for breaking into cars homes, and businesses. officers say he was extreme high on some kind market. he work up he could not remember where he left his three-year-old and ten-month-old sons. police searched the city looking for the boys and found them locked in his truck with the witnesses rolled down all night. >> we were so elated they were in the car alive and well. i have been here for 22 years and that was the biggest sighs of relief if my career. >> boys were taken to the
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hospital but of expected to be okay. he is held on $50,000 bail. >> tonight we investigate a shocking case animal abuse. a bay area activist is helping lead a national campaign to save spanish gray greyhounds used for hunting ran bits. what happened after the hunting season? >> i have seen... [ inaudible ] >> abandonment abuse and worse. bay area activists has rescued the gray hours for 30 years and now is taking it global after witnessing something overseas in a report tonight. >> we are learning more of the radio shack bankruptcy files roughly half of the 4,000 stores will be shut down, some everyoning stores are co-branded with sprint, hoping to lure new subscribers by secretary --
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setting up mini shots in the stores. if a >> proved print with double their retail fors. >> a case of exceptional customer service is going viral. >> a north carolina teen on the way to his first job interview stopped at target looking for clip on ties. they did nut have them but an employees offered to tie a real one. another customers noticed the gesture and snap the picture. the remain employees prepared him for the interview. >> look in the eye. give him a stern hand shake. she showed him. he tuck his shirt in. he tied his shoes. >> the employees follow-up with the manager he interviewed with. they never got the teen's name but they wanted to let the potential employer know what a nice young man he was. >> and now he knows how to tie a real tie. >> they paid it forward. >> new, the traffic situation
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not so bad. >> we are not out of the woods yet but we have clear conditions across the bay area with few accidents. it is friday so perhaps friday light contributes. the bay bridge toll plaza has plenty of traffic building from the east bay. the drive will take you 15 minutes from the maze to san francisco. in san jose the drive 101 to san jose international airport is building. you are not going to be late if you have a flight you have clear conditions. southbound traffic is moving along fine up to 880. 880 in both directions in and out of san jose, no delays. the green shows nice conditions southbound 880 the number two worst spot in the bay area for a commute but especially in the
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morning. from albany through berkeley to the maze that will only take you five minutes and 880 southbound from fremont to san jose is 15 minutes and northbound 280 from 101 to cupertino is will two minutes. >> did you mention the delays at sfo or the driving? >> the driving around it. >> they are four hours and 26 minutes is how long the delays are at san francisco international airport right now. we talk about silverado have the best radar returns there and polk value and through the altamont pass with sprinkles and light rain. headed up to the eastern section of contra costa county where the cherry trees and strawberries and blue bettersberries are rain. big picture shows the winds bying up, 33 miles per hour at
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the coast 28 in oakland and this is how it looks in emeryville and the camera is bouncing around because of the 30-miles-per-hour gusts coming straight from the south and moving perpendicular to san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge and the bay bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge. watch out. >> the winds will only be factor through noon and you can see we are gusting at 35, 35 to 45 miles per hour and 53 at point reyes and this afternoon we are still hanging around the 35 to 45 miles per hour gusts but san jose is at 30 and dug the evening hours it will be windy but tomorrow morning they start to relax and tomorrow is breezy but not windy. san jose is dry and rain is heavy and scattered light showers tomorrow and second
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round of thunder on sunday. you can see the rain in the north bay close to lunch and the moderate to half rain moves through our neighbor and it is around and more scattered nature until midnight and tomorrow morning it is light but a few waves of showers in the afternoon and evening and sunday be our secondary push coming in early in the morning and hangs around through the afternoon into the early evening. we have potential for flooding in the north bay and the wind advisory is for all of us until 6:00 saturday morning. 9,000 feet try to be generous with that, to 8,000' by sunday is a lot of rain mixes in. the seven-day outlook shows at him, tomorrow we have scattered showers and a better chance of thunder with the heavy rain and windy conditions on sunday, showers taper through monday morning and dry and spring like next week. leyla gulen? >> time for the lake tahoe
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report. you hey want to get out the changes if you are trying to head to the sierra monday, you could sea slush there but you may need the changes as you make it up to north star with a base of 18-26" and mount rose is base and no chains required just yet and a few more resorts diamond peak 34" base and heavenly is 32" so be careful. have fund. it will only take you three hours and 30 minutes to diamond peak on 50. three hours and 20 minutes. stay tuned.
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[ male announcer ] are you so stuffed up, you feel like you're underwater? try zyrtec-d® to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms... so you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec-d®. find it at the pharmacy counter. >> cal fans are celebrating the most exciting win with 4.9 seconds left, wallace hit the three-pointer at buzzer to beat the trojans 70's-69 and cal student section reserved the floor and the bears got 14-9 for the season. >> and standford was in the same position trailing 69-67 with 3.3 seconds left and randall's three-pointer glanced off the glass and the bruins hang on for
6:24 am
the win and now it is a fur-way tie for third place in the pac12. >> kansas teen with cerebral palsy lived a dream playing with the best team. he is the team manager and never miss add practice and knows every play knowing he always wanted to play the coach cleared it to give kyle a chance. he called a time out to give kyle and get him into the game where he scored four points in the final minutes! >> i was as step obvious as the first time i coached a game seeing that i whenned it go off the way we had drawn it up. and it did. it was incredible. >> extreme proud of me and achieving this goal... >> the video went viral and appearing on espn's
6:25 am
centers. >> if you saw the super bowl this past week you know the star of the game wasn't tom brady russell welcome or katy perry but the back up dancing shark on the left who was uncoordinated, specifically. less sharks and votes and other images popped up on the internet and it did not stop the dancing sensation programmed t-shirts and man other online merchandise including a figurine right there online 3-d printing market place has been selling a left shark figure and now they have been served with a cease and desist order by katy perry. she and the legal team claimed she ounces the rights to the dancing shacks and beachballs that appeared in the half time show. >> my gosh!
6:26 am
all over a shark that cannot dance. >> her might is worse than her bark. >> i don't doubt that. now the newcomer of a new "sports illustrated" edition. >> the cover has a lost bare skin but this could be pushing the envelope the steamy cover features hannah davis the girlfriend of derek jeter with the bottom to low there is a debate over how sexy is too sexy for main street media >> some say it is almost pornographic compared "sports illustrated" to "lay boy," and others compare it to past colors. "sports illustrated" is pushing the nfl each year and controversy sells magazine and they actually have a fairly high female ridership. >> semi by is defending the picture telling abc after 50 years of swimsuits what everyone knows is one person's risque is
6:27 am
someone else's sexy. i want to hear in on that. >> stay tuned. >> the winds are blowing with a
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 6:30. thank you for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco on friday february 6 th are we learn mother nature has her own timetable. >> she is staying in the north bay and it is a little bit of a lull before the secondary wave rolls in and we have a few sprinkles like livermore and portola and on 84 possibly wet there and from cloverdale to hidden valley lake. in cloverdale we have light-to-moderate rain on north jefferson street and citrus fare drive. a few brakes in the cloud cover
6:31 am
to the south which is the dry air keeping us from being wet and that will change at 10:00 and the day planner the next 12 hours shows the increase in the rain and the winds all the way through the evening hours. >> without a lot of wet roads now there is still a lot of problems. >> we have had a few problems but they have been quick to clear and now we have a brand new one with the track at the bay bridge toll plaza 15 minutes from the east bay to san francisco when you pass the metering lights you will find an 18-wheeler and another vehicle tangled up. the golden gate bridge shows traffic moving smoothly and dry as mike has been telling us but it will change so keep both hands on the wheel and watch out for the high winds. >> right now we will get to breaking news, a small earthquake rattles some people out of bed on the peninsula this morning and the 3.1 earthquake shook redwood city at 3:4 this o centered in the emerald hills
6:32 am
area so along farm hill boulevard. people have been tweeting us saying it felt like an intense jolt. lauren said "mying do backed too," and kyle "it was strong where i am in redwood city," and bill in redwood city saying "shark jolt, felt stronger than 4.5." redwood city fire reports firefighters on two engines felt the earthquake but no damage to their station. the storm is moving in. we are joined from healdsburg with amy. you took off the hood so it is on again and off again?
6:33 am
the storm has been easy on sonoma county and we have sprinkles here and there and a break right now but behind me the road and streets are wet? downtown. it has rains here on and off but no soaking and no flooding or blast of wind. yet. we have been told that is coming. the prediction are in place. preparations are in place, as well. people got the message and got busy this week when it came to taking care of trees as the tree trimming business was brick this week as people wanted their trees removed if they did not look healthy or trimmed. the trimmers are worried about the winds. the trees have been weakened by the drought. they take this seriously. a lot of trees are at risk so if you have not taken care of your trees, keep an eye on them. if you live in a for the of
6:34 am
giant trees, sometimes you may consider going to a hotel room if these events. >> in heelsburg i have taken off my hood. i would bring the jacket with you. the rain and the winds are expected later this morning and it has rained so the storm has arrived and it is taking a little break but do not forget the rain jacket this morning. in the south bay there is concern of a repeat of the damage from the december downpour. this safe way in san jose is still closed after the roof contained in. a pet shop had a roof leak that now is patched with buckets and pans and tarps ready in case it leaks again. >> you can see what is showing up on live doppler hd with the weather app.
6:35 am
it is free on apple app and google play with more information at >> from the south bay we understand 9-1-1 calls in campbell with the system being out. if you call 9-1-1 in campbell you are re-routed to another agency. we are trying to find out if that means you get police and fire and emergency coverage. >> we follow the story and pass it on to you, you can follow us on twitter for all the breaking news. in fremont, c.h.p. is investigating a fatal accident involving a wrong way driver that happened on 880 around 12:30. the drives with going northbound in the southbound lane and she crashed head on into a truck. the car burst into flames and the truck was split in half. three people if the truck were taken to the hospital in serious condition. the wrong way driver died at the
6:36 am
scene. >> if san francisco, police are regulating an act involving muni a previous was hit on market near 5th street after ok and the map was pinned by the light rail vehicle and was extricated and taken to the hospital with life-trent threatening injuries. >> marshals are hunting for a fugitive on pulled off an escape from the federal courthouse in san francisco. 51-year-old luke burgnara was in custody but a judge gave him a these hour furlough to heat with an attorney in street clothes in the attorney lounge. burg near he es >> a man who already did time for sexually assaulting a girl in a store is accused of committing the same crime. detectives picked up a sex offender,villeville -- carlyle
6:37 am
villazon on wednesday. they are sure he is the man in the surveillance video at the cent. an 8-year-old said a man put his hands down her pants. who he was wearing an ankle bracelet for being a sex offender. >> the technical superstars walked their investigation of the red car poet and are agreemented by protesters. >> new information regarding the campbell 9-1-1 system it is very important that it is not impacting emergency response but is just the phone system that is down. any calls will still be answered when you have an emergency. the bay bridge toll plaza is getting stacked before the rain
6:38 am
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>> thinking about baseball. fanfest tomorrow at at&t park with light showers possible. if you are at fanfest on sunday at the cove from 10:00 to 4:00 an hour longer but more likely to be wet. rain is to the north. another batch is developing to our southwest and it will be here after the commute. we will get our wet weather. it is still on the correct final table. snow level is high. be careful headed up to lake. >> use caltrain from the peninsula and speaking of mass transit we have san francisco bay ferry experiencing a 10-minute delay because of weather. be aware of that. plan ahead. we have a new crash a serious crash, westbound 580 at 980 involving an everfunded vehicle and possible injuries with one
6:41 am
or two lanes blocked. in san francisco trying to get to the eastern span of the bridge a crash is blocking the on-ramp. >> investors react to the just released january jobs report. >> san francisco's by a local retailer. stay tuned.
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now, more on the breaking news we were telling you a bout. the city of campbell 9-1-1 service is down. calls are re-routed to santa clara county which will then dispatch emergency calls or direct the agencies to dispatch emergency equipment. in reason for the malfunction. we are told that emergency equipment is dispatched but 9-1-1 system is down. we are checking. >> in marin people are making sure they are prepared for the rain especially in areas friend to flooding. matt is in mill valley where several sandbagging stations are set up. matt? >> yes, this is a great time to get your san. the reason why? it is not raining. it makes it comfortable to get the sand. it is before the flooding starts you need to be smart. do not be like me. bring the shovel. they provide plenty of sand and plenty of sandbags but they do not provide shovels. you do not want to be using your
6:45 am
boots so come out here prepared. there is a likelihood there will be flooding in marin county. one places that is likely to flood is the park and ride lot with flooding there all the time and this is video from an hour and a half ago. high tide warning and in effect and the lower lot will likely flood as it did in december and last in during the king tide. barricades are ready to go up when the flooding starts and is expected to close today and re-open on monday. if you leave are car in the lower lot expect to get a ticket, that is a good reminder not to part your car if a place that will expect some flooding the next couple of days. make sure you have your sandbags ready to go because when the rain starts it will be much more difficult to get that san. >> we want to see the weather where you live send us your weather photo and video at
6:46 am or post them on our abc7 facebook page. tekkies and protesters filled the streets near san francisco city hall rallies outside the 8th annual chumpy -- crunchys award show ta issue with business practices of unand the effect on the taxi industry. airbnb picked up best design, and san francisco web security company is best startup and the fastest rising startup was yikyack. ordinary users vote on the winners. >> investors react to january jobs relate. >> valentine's day is the more
6:47 am
expensive holidays. jane king has those stories and more. happen friday, jane. >> happy friday. the job numbers are pretty good coming out for january with 25 257,000 added more than expected. the unemployment rate picked up to 5.7 percent but it is believed because more people are looking for work. how do the markets react? we turned lower in the dow and s&p 500 and nasdaq slightly lower. verizon is pulling back from the land line business in california. they are selling that business to frontier communications sharply accelerating the verizon shift away from land line fines to wireless which is poised for more growth. >> gap ran ads without attention promoting spring season including a my yes -- a microseries but tinder removed
6:48 am
gap from the app saying they did not get permission. >> valentine's day sales are expected to reach $19 billion 91 percent surveyed by market research say they will treat their significant other to something special. the average spent is $88, up significantly from $78 last area. have a great weekend. >> judging from mike's face he is spending more than the average. >> i don't spend that much the >> stayed on tv? >> my wife knows. >> it is the not that counts you probably do something special like massage or mother's night out. away from you and the kids. >> en umbrella. right. new windshield wipers. joking aside we have rain in the north by. around sea ranch to cloverdale
6:49 am
and healdsburg moving to the north and out of the neighbors in the next five or ten minutes and the altamont pass is quiet and on highway 4 through discovery bay interest brentwood you could find slick streets and lingering sprinkles. the left side of the spring shows the next wave of water at 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes away from the sonoma and marin county coast and it will bring a steady batch the rain. half moon bay is 36 miles per hour. 20 in san carlos and 28 in oakland and the fast wind is why we have 4 1/2 hour flight arrival delays, the average into sfo and why the winds are bouncing around. any east-west bridge is going to be tough to deal with in the high are file vehicles as they come right up from the south and running perpendicular and they will get faster headed to noon at 30 to 45 miles per hour gusts and 35 to 45 headed influence
6:50 am
the early evening hours staying around 25 to 45 during the evening and wake up tomorrow and we will be breezy at continue to 25 miles per hour. we have a dry layer of air at 5,000 to 6,000 feet so the rain is not reaching the ground. it will saturate and the winds will pick up. scat herred light showers tomorrow and thunder is possible on sunday. the latest models show the rain from the north bay and taking over our neighborhoods and it will hang around through the 5:00 hour in a more scatters nature with the scattering of the showers tapering in intensity and coverage dug the evening hours and overnight through tomorrow and as we head to tomorrow night and sunday morning the secondary push comes and it hangs around for better part of afternoon and early evening. mild again. mid-to-upper 60's.
6:51 am
all the way through until the sun breaks out wrens and -- wednesday and thursday. gladding is possible in the north bay and strong through 6:00 tomorrow morning. >> on the roads you can see our camera traveling to the bay bridge toll plaza if you are fast tracker it pays to have a fast rack. look at the cash paying lanes they are loaded up. pushing and san francisco away from the maze it will take you 15 minutes. you can see how the traffic is in the eastbound direction through the traffic it is moving along well and i will take you to our maps and show you remember spots. one is the approach to the maze an overturned vehicle westbound on a 80 at 980 an vehicle with delays from lake shore drive. it is going to be stop-and-go in
6:52 am
emeryville. in san francisco do not use the 5th street on-ramp but use brain -- brian street with a two-car crash blocking it. stay tuned. female announcer: save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. keep more presidents in your wallet. sleep train's presidents' day sale is on now!
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backup approach the bay bridge toll plaza including the fast track lanes and the pay lanes. it looks like cars are getting through. we will check with leyla in moments to find out more on traffic. >> here are seven things to know before you go. one, our storm is offshore right now but it will move on shore starting at 10:00 through 2:00 and we should have the nice wind and rain that will cause flooding and damage. watch out for that. it will become more scattered as we head into the afternoon hours but heavy rain could be around all the way through the evening and it will come in bursts rather then a steady rain. mild in the upper 50's to low 60 and low low-to-upper 60's for the the rest of us. >> westbound 580 an injury crash involving an overturned vehicle is blocking all but one lane and that is four lanes shut down right now as emergency
6:55 am
crews and c.h.p. arrive at the scene. use 80 instead. other busy parts of bay area are san mateo bridge where the drive taking 17 minutes across the water. >> rain is falling in the north bay and healdsburg and sonoma had enough to make the streets wet two hours ago. watch out for trees that could be at risk of falling if high wind. >> people on the peninsula were shaken away this morning when a 3.1 earthquake hit redwood city in the hills at 3:45 this morning in emerald hills area. no reports of injury but several say it felt like a strong sharp jolt. >> the c.h.p. is investigating a fatal crash involving a wrong-way driver on interstate 880 in fremont a woman in a small car was headed in the wrong direction this morning and she slammed into a truck. the woman died and three others want to the hospital with serious injuries.
6:56 am
>> do not walk alone at night is the warping for san francisco state university students after a man groped a woman. it happened between burke hall and the student health center yesterday morning. officers only have a vague description of attacker. >> can you hear me? a new $2 million wireless system will be installed near levi stadium in santa clara in time for super bowl 50 partnering with a tech company to alleviate known and data congestion. >> i went to say we continue now online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices but this is the time to download the weather app. >> you can see the hour by hour forecast and doppler h.d. showing where the rain is moving.
6:57 am
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>> tha america >> stay with us for "good we appreciate you beingere with reena and i this w good morning, america. to our viewers out west. flash flood watches and warnings from washington to california. more than a foot of rain expected in some places. winds more than 50 miles an hour. ginger is tracking the latest. breaking new denails the measles outbreak. five infants in chicago now diagnosed with the virus. how they caught it, a mystery. up to ten other babies at risk and in quarantine. anger swelling around the country aimed at parents who won't vaccinate. bikini backslash. "sports illustrated" under fire for their most popular issue of the year. did they finally go too low with a cover so racy we can't even show you all of it. how the magazine is


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